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10600489_1712245359007630_5358596769109981758_nSometimes in life, you find something wonderful when you’re looking for something else entirely, but I find that in music that happens with refreshing and encouraging frequency.

I went to The Victoria in Swindon a few Thursdays ago to see Kamino, who duly delivered a cracking set, but heading the Songs of Praise bill were Rewire the time machine, who I hadn’t heard before and who proceded to blow me away.

They bill themselves as ‘riff driven alt-rock with desert blues and heavy stoner vibes’ – yes, they’re all that and more besides.

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12049204_1695691823996317_7380164194924267062_nThere’s more leather onstage at The Victoria than at a biker’s convention as Kamino kick off the second instalment of the Songs of Praise bill on Thursday night.

I was flattened by their debut video of ‘Antidote’ only a week ago and wonder mischievously whether they can recreate that incredible sound outside the studio. Stupid boy…

This is an absolutely belting set. They bill themselves as ‘alternative rock’ but as well as the trademark chunky guitars, there’s elements of melodic metal, some Proggy and Pompy bits, reinforced by Bec Jevons’ sweeping keyboard work and the whole thing rocks flows and rocks like a ride down white-water rapids.

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10550149_579920588783850_7595782547218567099_oI would say that quality over quantity is the best way to describe this weeks offerings, either that or venues are being less than forward in advertising their musical wares, but let’s not get me started on that one again.

The first Thursday of the month at The Victoria is the spiritual home of Songs of Praise and ten years down the line and that night is still delivering the goods; original music for the more musically broad-minded amongst you and tonight those goods take the form of 3 very original alt-rock bands. If last decade’s alt-rock was defined by the frankly appalling Limp Bizkit or worse the corporate, grunge by numbers of Puddle of Mudd, then the current grassroots movement is more than redressing the balance and you can catch the best of them tonight.

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