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Kubris at The Rolleston


1185523_733143730045483_933052057_nEven though this show is not being advertised on Riffs Bars website, I would like to assure people that it is definitely taking place this Saturday.

Those who have saw Dead Royalties blow away all competition at this years Swindon Shuffle will already know that their seattle grunge meets brit-punk style is something not to be missed with future classic being fired off at a whim and a stage presence that hints at bigger things.

On a short tour from their native Guernsey, Last of The Light Brigade play exciting, modish, raw and melodic old school guitar indie-rock and have had the honour of being the last band to support Wilko Johnson.

Opening the show are Kubris, folk rock with a twist. At a turn they manage to sound like the heaviest band on the planet before dropping into intricate acoustic minimalism to come charging back up aiming for the jugular.

It’s going to be a good night. Be there.


1011722_561639567220535_1865761047_n-1It’s been another one of those crystal ball sort of weeks compiling this article. Without going off on my usual rant, I do find it odd that people who run businesses that rely on getting numbers through the door  are becoming more and more reluctant to post information regarding what bands are playing in their venue, or if they do there is no description of the said band to entice people in. Last week I completely missed the biggest gig of the week because it wasn’t to be found on the internet and if I can’t find it, think of all the more casual information surfers who are going to miss it too. So armed with a crystal ball and a do it yourself shamanic starter kit, I have gleaned what information I can about this weeks gigs and I apologize for any events I have inadvertently missed out.


The weekend starts building up momentum tonight with a hard and heavy line up at The Victoria. Headlining are Reading’s finest, We Caught The Castle, not only a wonderful Paramore-esque slab of melodic rock but on a personal note one of the first bands I ever promoted in Swindon. Also on the bill are purveyors of post-hardcore Falling With Style and metal warriors From Dusk Until Dawn.


More big sounds will be emanating from Riffs Bar with the welcome return of The Dark Sinatra’s (pictured). Mixing the musical economy of a three piece line up with almost dance grooves, complex back beats and spiky guitar riffs, the result is a sort of groove laden, heavy progressive rock and none do it better.


At the other end of the musical spectrum, the first lady of folk, Kate Rusby leads an all star band through songs old and new, traditional and self penned at The Wyvern Theatre. Meanwhile, Two-Man Ting will be filling the Beehive with their very unique roots-pop music. Those who know their world music labels might throw around terms such Palm Wine, High Life or Afro Beat, but all the layman needs to know is that this band are like a dose of summer sunshine and joyous laughter all rolled into one.


Staying at The Beehive for Friday, good causes and great music go hand in hand in the form of Oxjam – part of the Oxfam fund raising campaign taking place nationally through out October. This session is all about the singer-songwriter and features the groove fueled blues of Jim Blair, the unique stylings of Tommaso Galati, Tamsin Quin who in my opinion will soon be giving the likes of K T Tunstall a run for her money and new duo Splat The Rat.


Th se into the nostalgia scene are also well catered for. Fans of the Stranglers should head for The Victoria and into Saturday, also at The Victoria, it’s all about one of my favourite bands, The Stone Roses. A more across the board range of punk, ska and new-wave can be found at The Rolleston with Going Underground.


Even though it does not appear on their website, I want to assure people that Saturdays Secret Chord gig at Riffs Bar is still taking place and what a great line up it is. Band of the moment, Dead Royalties, a scattergun mix of Seattle grunge and 70s Brit-punk, take the top spot with the raw, melodic, modish rock of The Last of The Light Brigade and the eclectic, musical light and shade of Kubris adding all the ingredients for the perfect bill.


After that, live music seems to be fairly hard to track down although there are a couple of more famous names in the bigger establishments, such as award winning saxophonist, Yolanda Brown and guitar and fiddle duo Kevin Dempsey and Rosie Carson at the Arts Centre on Saturday and Tuesday respectively.


At the Wyvern Theatre also on Tuesday is the legendary Charlie Lansborough who delivers his trademark ballad and blues, country and spiritual music all interspersed with a dash of anecdote and humour.

And if you get the reference in the title then you are probably a proper folkie.

So, Songs of Praise was here again and this time it was all a bit of a folk-trip. The main act was  Bateleurs, who are a great folk meets country, rootsy type band that manage to throw just enough pop melody into their song writing to make them memorable and accessible. Also on the bill was my good friend Billyjon, performing his emotive balladry solo for a change but sounding more confident that ever. Always a pleasure.

The main reason for this diary entry though is to talk about opening act Kubris, a band that just blew me away. I had heard their mini album a while ago when I was sent it as a review item and although I loved it didn’t prepare me for just how good they actually are as a live act. Although they look like a folk act, acoustic guitars, cello, extra harmony vocals, they come across as like a heavy rock band, and it is this interplay between the full on deliveries and the ability to strip things back to haunting minimalism that creates their sound dynamic. At a turn the music was atmospheric, byzantine heavy, emotive, angry, passionate, cinematic, pastoral and engaging. What more could you ask for? Nothing.

Well, actually it would have been nice if we’d had more in than the 10 or so people who shown up. But I guess most people were busy at home on various internet sites moaning about how  Simon Cowell is killing music or just reeling out the usual boring line about how there are no decent bands playing Swindon.

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