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SWINDON105_5Logo-300x186Our rather silly Christmas show for your delectation and bemusement.

This week we we feature chainsaws, stunt nuns, naked alligator wrestling we have an interview with an educated turkey, a nuclear powered jukebox, and a live link up with the Rev. Cuthbert Botticough. Music from AK Poets, Bateleurs, Nudy Bronque, David Celia, George Wilding, Port Erin, Ethemia, The Automaniacs, Josie and the Outlaw and Ells and the Southern Wild,

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swindon105_5logo-300x186Here is the podcast version (ie PRS friendly) of yesterdays show. We were joined by Ells and Darryl from The Southern Wild for a live session and chat plus music from Theo Altieri, Mynie Moe, George Montague, De La Rosa, Tides of Change, Vault of Eagles, Si Hall, Nick Tann, Moths/Mat Caron and George Wilding.


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swindon105_5logo-300x186This week we have Tim Manning from Blind River Scare in session. Music from: Ali Finneran, Cavalier, Lighterthief, Blake, James Daubney, Mr Love and Justice, The Illustrations


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Live and Local

SWINDON105_5Logo-300x186This week we have Albertine Davies and Lucy Bosley from SALOS talking about their next two productions. Janice Thompson and Vic Clemments talking about their production of ‘Not in front of the waiter’ for the Madame Renards Fringe Festival and Mat Fox talking about The Madame Renards Fringe Festival. Music from Gaz Brookfield, Ells, Rocket Box, Walker Broad, Ian O’Regan and Nudybronque


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Live and Local

SWINDON105_5Logo-300x186This week we have John Day in interview about Swindon Photographic Society. Music from Three Minute Tease, We Ghosts, Pignose, Mr Love & Justice, Blythe Power, The King in Mirrors, The Blowbacks, Nudy Bronque, Emi McDade and Antonio Lulic.


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Live and Local Podcast

swindon105_5logo-300x186This weeks PRS edited version of the Swindon 105.5 arts program is a live session with Familiars and features music from  Benita Johnson, Rob Richings, Faye Rogers and Easter


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swindon105_5logo-300x186This week Sean & Dave have an interview with Burlesque performer Bellla Rouge and also do some gabbling chuntering and chuffing along the way and present the top 10 songs from alternative bands. Music featured includes Hip Route, Ed Hanfrey, George Wilding, Minnie Birch and Kodiak Jack.





swindon105_5logo-300x186The edited (non PRS etc…)podcast version of this weeks art, music and cultural ramblings that we call…Live and Local.

This week Sean & Dave have an interview with Dave Cousins of The Strawbs, Barbara Hoffbauer from Swindon Film Society giving details about the current season of films and Doug Kirby talking about directing his new film ‘A Chequer-board of nights’. Music from Ethemia, Jen Olive and Tamsin Quin.


freelance-article-writingPeople may have picked up on a slightly frustrated tone that runs as an undercurrent through my Sounds Around Town column these days, mainly to do with readily available gig information. What ever you think of the paper, my writing or even myself, a good promoter will play the numbers and get their gig or band mentioned in as many places as possible,  albeit flyers, posters, listings, journalism (even as low brow as mine!) So with that in mind I thought I would clarify how I operate and should you wish to, what the best way of getting mentioned in the column are.

  1. Firstly there is the issue of time frame. My piece goes out in the Thursday edition and is submitted to the paper normally over the previous weekend. That means any information not readily available to me by about a week before that issue, is possibly too late to be acted upon.
  2. If you run a venue, then have an up to date website, that’s not just for my benefit as it is also the first port of call for anyone checking out what bands are playing at your venue. If gig says “the best local acts” or “TBC” then obviously there is no way it can be mentioned. Similarly if you do list the bands name, a bit of information goes a long way as punters what to know about genres etc and writers are basically lazy and maybe don’t have the time to go crawling around the net to find out the specifics. You booked them after all, you should know a bit about them. Also bear in mind that new bands and even less internet friendly established acts might not even have a web presence. If I can’t let people know something about the band then there is little point writing the gig up.
  3. Promoters normally advertise via Facebook event pages but the same rules apply. Also if you have an event why not add me to the invite list, I probably won’t turn up but it is another way of flagging up the gig details to me.
  4. Feel free to e-mail or message me directly about a gig though bear in mind that due to the nature of my work I receive hundreds of e-mails a day about music releases, tour dates, gig details so it is best if you only let me know about things happening in the next couple of weeks. Quarterly e-mail listings will end up in a massive archive and get forgotten about, next weeks gigs will end up on a note pad and stay on the desk next to the Mac.
  5. Also bear in mind that some of the information going into that weeks column will also be broadcast  the day before on Live and Local on Swindon 105.5…so even more exposure.
  6. Bands feel free to contact me directly, even if you expect your gig to be promoted by the venue or promoter, better I get the information three times than not at all.
  7. Despite popular perception, if you play in a cover band or tribute act it doesn’t mean I won’t mention your gig, it might mean I have less to say about the gig…after all if you go and see an Oasis tribute or a punk cover band, you know what you are getting for your money, but you just have to look through recent columns to see that all genres and types of band get featured.
  8. Okay, I may have an odd sense of humour sometimes and not everyone will judge the tone of my work in the same way, but I assure you I am not out to make enemies but do hope people have the ability to take some good natured ribbing on occasion and generally laugh at themselves and the world around them. If they can’t, does it really matter what I think?
  9. If you don’t get mentioned, don’t take it personally. I am limited to a certain word count and my not mentioning your bands shows is more likely down to the fact that I didn’t have room for everyone. Also bear in mind that it is a recommendation article and therefore the bottom line is that there is no obligation to mention any or every show, though I assure you I do my best to put as much information in as I can.

Okay, I hope that clarifies how things work and how you can use my gig guide as a promotion extra for your gig.  Happy promoting people!

swindon105_5logo-300x186This week Sean & Dave have Steve Cox in Session with some great live music and talk about all things Mr Love and Justice and Lazy Sunday Afternoons at the Arts Centre. Also music from Talk in Code, Nick Felix, Pete Taylor, NewQuay Times and music and an interview with El Born.