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No more Sleep deprivation

1511361_855619354464586_1007114649_nTomorrow’s Songs of Praise show sees the night venture into heavy rock territory, something that it doesn’t normally do that often. But when the bands are this good then you would be foolish not too.Headlining are Sleep Inertia, a band made up of most of the former members of The Dead Lay Waiting but a new front man and a new set of songs mean that you get not only the familiar musical dexterity and virtuoso playing that you expect from such players but you get a more mature and fresh take on it.

Up from London The Manic Shine make a welcome return, a band that Songs of Praise has been championing for some time now. Mixing heavy rock riffs, murderous melodies and infectious songs with one of the liveliest and most charismatic stage shows around they are a band that you need to catch.

Opening the night are Mind Museum, Bristolian alt-rock who recently released their new e.p. on Swindon based Secret Chord Records. A great show all round and if you like your music hard and heavy but tastefully tuneful then this is the place to be.


More information, music and blurb here  –  CLICK

onebloodlowres1Even thought they are a Bristol based outfit, through their working relationship with Swindon based Secret Chord Records, Mind Museum are slowly becoming part of the local circuit.  Couple this with the fact that the most common complaint I hear from the heavy rock fraternity around the town is that there is a severe lack of new, original bands being courted by our venues, it would seem that Mind Museum have arrived on our radars with fortuitous timing.


Although maybe not ticking enough boxes for the old school, classic rock die-hards, their eclectic blend of influences from Biffy Clyro, At The Drive In and Muse to less obvious, darker undercurrents of The Cure and Nirvana means that the resulting alt-rock creation is both retrospectively influenced and forward looking.


Their latest e.p. One Blood, becomes commercially available this week and it’s ten tracks are a real lesson in how to make music that is both heavy yet approachable, something that is too often missing in a genre that seems to revere speed and power over accessibility. It goes without saying that they have the heavy weaponry to hand when needs be but this is tempered by a bag of accessories that range from ear-worming riffs, gang choruses, a brilliant understanding of musical dynamic, not to mention killer songs. It is this musical arsenal that means that they whilst they are working in a genre with a fan base that favours the stroppy teenager, they continue to create music that is mature and has universal appeal.


It is a mix of post-punk sensibilities, grunge scene ethics and straighter, yet clever rock drives that has coalesced into a sound that will pave the way for the future of heavier music.


It would seem that the booking of bands is a very tricky business, the slippery little devils. Often getting a confirmed and stable line up for an evening of music can be like trying to stuff a string bag full of freshly oiled eels. Still, if it was that easy, I guess everyone would be at it. Tonight’s show at The Victoria is a classic example of this. Having succumbed to more chopping and changing that a choppy changey thing and bearing little resemblance to the advertised gig, Songs of Praise still offers you some cracking, if fairly unexpected bands. The one constant in the whole maelstrom of changes is headline act The Racket. Delivering a riot of attitude and swagger, gutter anthems and punked out indie cacophony, it’s easy to see why they are becoming regarded as the musical rough diamonds of the local scene.

Support comes from slick Bristolian alt-rockers Mind Museum and not the Rhubarbs as originally billed and jumping into the opening slot at the eleventh hour are Quantum rock, jazz junkified, music warping, Super Squarecloud. Turned out all right in the end then.

At the Beehive it’s the welcome return of The Roving Crows.  They may look like just another folk band but in reality they are a much more interesting prospect, taking a Celtic folk musical core and flavouring it with everything from blues to jazz and ska to kleizmer and delivering it with infectiousness, energy and blinding virtuosity.

Friday has a very eclectic range of musical offerings. In fact if you look up eclectic in the dictionary you will see a photograph of this very paragraph. (No, I don’t know how they did it either!) Anyway, over at Riffs Bar those lovable buffoons nudy bronque, Nudybronque, Nudy Bronque…whatever (no ones sure of the exact grammatical form, not even the band!) steer their seemingly constant touring schedule towards Riffs Bar. This band have been one of the real success stories of local music over the past eighteen months and it has been a joy to watch they grow from a tentative band of musicians with rubbish dancing into a slick and confident, punky-ska-jangle-pop band…with rubbish dancing. Support comes from The Debuts and relative newcomers, The Starkers, but again not The Rhubarbs as originally advertised.

A great treat for progressive rock fans awaits at The 12 Bar in the guise of Tinyfish, one of the bands responsible for updating the face of the genre, from the flaky, fantasy fixations of the past into something relevant and cutting edge, from Genesis to revolution, if you like. Ok, maybe not. The Furnace is playing host to Swindon Academy of Music and Sounds Charity Show. As well as students showcasing their not inconsiderable talent, the night will be rounded off by the brilliant reggae/funk/hip-hop ten-piece A&T.

Having reformed for a one off gig at last years Shuffle festival, Big Casino decided to stay together and will be playing at The Beehive with the promise of new material.

The big event for the weekend happens on Saturday and though it is a little way out of town, I thought it deserves a mention. After the success of the recent Avebury Rocks, the Love Hope Strength Foundation has added another date to help raise money for local charities. The daytime itinerary includes walks around the area and refreshments and the evening boasts a show featuring an acoustic set by punk-folk legends, The Levellers (pictured) , one time Alarm front man Mike Peters, local lad Nick Harper and more besides. A stunning line up – if only there was a venue in Swindon capable of securing acts of this calibre!

Meanwhile, high-energy folk garnered from Celtic and American traditions will be on the menu at The Running Horse courtesy of Grubby Jack and the hardest working local punk-pop outfit, Disclosure can be found at The Royal Oak. Cinematic vibes, dance grooves and soulful jazz-folk can all be found at The Victoria with Matilda, Atari Pilot and Old Colours.

It’s not often a genuine living legend hits town, but on Tuesday, Louisiana blues king, Lazy Lester will be playing at Riffs with support from Good Things Happen in Bad Towns. And finally Wednesday sees Diversion, The Screaming Gypsies and Mike Bezzer play Wacky Wednesday at The Victoria.