imgid79384560-jpg-galleryAny conversation about the Mousetrap is sure to start with its startling attributes; the record breaking run – three score years and then some, its basis on a real life murder case, the lack of any real big film production to date and the fact that the author herself thought that it would run for less than a year. It is of course Agatha Christie’s best known and best loved play but in many ways is one of her most divisive.

Supporters point to the quality of the writing, the elaborate structures within and the plot twists that became her hallmark whilst detractors often cite that the characters are too archetypal, clichéd even. But maybe we judge the piece through too much of a modern eye and should remember that the play was written at the time when the murder mystery was at its height, Christie herself had done a lot to keep the format alive. No matter where you stand on the effectiveness of the writing, any production stands or falls on the ability to bring that story to life. The play’s the thing…right?


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