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10354096_404715793024462_9220940296262886703_nYou know how people say that no big names ever come to Swindon or if they do they are some pop sensation and play in the cavernous, acoustic hell that is the Oasis? You know how people still go on about that time that (insert generic cover band name) played a half decent version of a Queens of the Stone Age song? You know how most original bands are not as good as cover bands? Well all those arguments get blown out of the water tonight as Avon plays The Victoria. Avon? Yes, Avon. Not only named after a QOTSA song but also featuring their original drummer, who also happened to be the original drummer for Kyuss, the band that spawned them. So options are go and watch a cover band on the basis that you will get to hear songs from your record collection or go and watch a guy who helped put them there. And therein lies the crux of the big debate I guess.

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10600611_722754574474721_1208207470222292011_nGuy Fawkes night is upon us so not only a time for fireworks, partying and cowering pets but also time for those online wits to roll out the old adage about him being “ the last person to enter Parliament with honest intentions”. So if your idea of honest intentions is a religious mercenary being hired by the English aristocracy to commit mass genocide then yes, spot on. So much for the political minds and rhetoric of generation X-box. Right, off the soapbox and into the mosh pit.

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14604861_1554609504565564_5282773284787885285_nOK, who likes Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss? Plenty of you, I am sure. We certainly do. So, on Thursday we have the very drummer who bridged these two classic american rock bands heading to Swindon for a SoP show at The Victoria. Yes, that’s right, the man who plays drums on the debut albums by both these massively influential and important bands. In our book, this is not small beer. This guy helped change the alternative rock landscape.

Wanna come see him play up close and personal with a bunch of other cool musicians? Then grab a ticket via the event link below
Support is equally as stunning in the shape of Rewire The Time Machine and Phoxjaw