octoberOkay, it ain’t The RV that this blog’s title suggests but it’s my blog and so I’ll write about what I want. Like many regular promotional nights, this fairly recent and extremely worthy effort is already facing an uncertain future so I think if you like jazz, like pubs, like jazz in pubs, like inventive and cool music or just think that supporting creativity, music, sociality, pubs, booze and everything in between rather than staying in and watching Celebrity Shoe Size with, more than likely Katherine Ryan, on a Monday night, then this tells you everything that you need to know.

“Three musicians, they have never played as a trio before, but there is so much musical knowledge among them they could write a book on the fundamentals of jazz. One graduated from the National Institute of Music in London, one teaches music and the other runs a big band!

So for the jazzers out there, this should be an unmissable evening.”