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60143892_2839638536062648_1394331329868333056_oWe all see those articles about the fate of music venues, about how they are closing down at a speed normally only reserved for Brexit related U-turns, how they are under-supported and under threat from gentrification. As someone who has spent more than 35 years watching live music in such places, it is sad, the music world is changing and perhaps not for the better. Progress and technology are of course the way forward but you have to be aware of the cost, the more aesthetic qualities and more emotive factors that get lost along the way. I’m sure that I will recall the first time I played my older brothers old rock vinyl or first saw The Icicle Works live, for the rest of my life, I expect that the feeling of excitement at downloading Wilco’s All Lives, You Say? single lasted slightly less time than it did perform the action.

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14449011_673379056164128_4679448363774001003_nThis week we head into the Christmas party zone, and thankfully it isn’t tinselled up to the max but more takes the form of some choice musical gatherings to celebrate and see the year out with.

At The Victoria, Songs of Praise, has their last big show for a while as they head towards a year of much reduced bookings. Before that happens though they have lined up a great night of old school rock, sleazy grooves and boogie beats to put this year’s activities to bed.

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14695459_1288012621240845_7659761123584020282_nAs usual it is the end of the working week that provides the new and original music but there is certainly something for everyone as we head into the weekend proper.

Tonight at The Victoria, Songs of Praise offer up some interesting indie sounds. Opening the show is Luckless (pictured), a solo artist who ticks enough on-trend boxes as to make her cooler than the other side of the pillow. Originally from New Zealand, based in Berlin and pushing a musical agenda of raw, guitar soundscaping that references the likes of PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse and Warpaint. How cool is that? Also on the bill you will find local indie kids Horizon playing their last gig before announcing major changes within their ranks.

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14604861_1554609504565564_5282773284787885285_nOK, who likes Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss? Plenty of you, I am sure. We certainly do. So, on Thursday we have the very drummer who bridged these two classic american rock bands heading to Swindon for a SoP show at The Victoria. Yes, that’s right, the man who plays drums on the debut albums by both these massively influential and important bands. In our book, this is not small beer. This guy helped change the alternative rock landscape.

Wanna come see him play up close and personal with a bunch of other cool musicians? Then grab a ticket via the event link below
Support is equally as stunning in the shape of Rewire The Time Machine and Phoxjaw


13116233_1147335191965449_4162624693147308179_oI’m happy to see that the autumn dance card of bigger, out of town acts is continuing with some pace. Tonight, Songs of Praise bring you the first of four gigs they have scheduled around town, beginning at The Victoria for some highly accessible alt-rock fusion.

Flight Brigade sit in the same place as the likes of Imagine Dragons or early Arcade Fire, blending lush indie soundscapes with radio friendly melody, elements of folk sit at its core but get wrapped in swathes of energy, passion and panache. Also on the bill is George Wilding who continues his journey from nostalgia tinged troubadour to forward thinking textured pop icon and TriAmi, a fantastic folktronic trio who have the ability to say more in the atmospheric spaces within their songs than most bands can with actual chords and words.

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14086386_1488405127852669_4211106225800058909_oThis week’s main event from Songs of Praise sees the brilliant Flight Brigade in town. Festival circuit favourites, beloved by blogs and radio and favourably compared to the likes of Arcade Fire and Imagine Dragons, they mix powerful indie-folk dynamics with soaring, rock soundscaping and deliver a show packed with energy and attitude. Add into the mix a set from the brilliant George Wilding and the return of creators of lush folktronic atmospherics TriAmi and we have one hell of a gig for you.



Case Hardin take their name from Boston Teran’s noir thriller ‘God Is A Bullet’ (Pan 2000). In the finest tradition of naming groups, it came about by virtue of being little more than a character name in the book songwriter Pete Gow was reading when the call came through that they had secured their first gig; necessity was, as is so often the way, the mother of invention on that day.

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rollyAfter a few years of residency at Old Towns Roaring Donkey pub, our regular Wednesday night acoustic session (now under the stewardship of Jamie Hawkins) is on the move. 

Following a sudden decision by the venues landlord to cancel all live music with immediate effect the sessions have all moved to their new home with just the one booking becoming a casualty. So, starting next Wednesday with Drew Bryant you can now get your fix of acoustic song-smithery down on Commercial Road at The Rolleston Arms. We would like to extend a huge amount of thanks to landlord Paul and his team for stepping up so quickly and getting it all sorted so swiftly.

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